• Corporate Sponsorship

    Oct 24 2014

    Massy believes in people helping people. With its corporate sponsorship policies, external entities are able to receive funding to better their community efforts. When it comes to corporate sponsorship, Massy understands that it is important for businesses to assist in the development of the community. In so doing, the company shows the importance of community contribution. Contributions towards charitable organizations and community events are based on merit and cause and demonstrate the need to affect the wider community. Through corporate sponsorship, Massy connects to other organizations and to the underprivileged through these organizations. Massy recognizes that there are different needs in the local community that ought to be fulfilled and partners with organizations that share their philosophy. In order to help others, charitable organizations try to assist in the widest scope possible. This is the same with Massy, as they believe in people helping people.

    In order to submit proposals for corporate sponsorship, please complete the form below or submit a paper application to:

    The Group Communications Officer
    Massy Ltd
    63 Park Street
    P.O. Box 544

    Telephone: 625 -3426 ext 2121
    Fax: 627-9061

    Information to be submitted in letter format:

    • Name, Full Address
    • Brief description of organization
    • Key persons involved in sponsorship
    • Benefit to society
    • Estimate of sponsorship
    • Full description of sponsorship including location and timeline for project
    Other helpful information:
    • Pictures
    • Previous events

    For further information please contact: communications@massygroup.com