Massy Stores

Massy Stores operates 57 retail locations in 5 markets in the Caribbean with several formats including supercentres, supermarkets, pharmacies, express, gourmet, home and our mega warehouse club in St. Lucia. We are the leading supermarket chain in the territories in which we operate.

Massy Distribution

Massy Distribution services supermarkets, groceries, pharmacies, hospitals, variety stores, wholesalers, hardware stores, agricultural shops and industries, hotels, restaurants, and duty-free outlets across the major markets of the English-speaking Caribbean. We leverage the commercial, financial and retail opportunities from the Massy Group to provide very competitive go-to-market costs. Our strategic link to the Group’s supermarkets allows for preferential access and immediate commercialisation.

Massy Trading

Massy Trading manages the distribution of various product lines, as an independent commercial division of Massy Distribution.