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Massy is a historic Caribbean company. From its early beginnings over ninety years ago, Massy has built its business on serving customers with pride, quality and exceptional service. Over the years the company has grown by acquiring a myriad of business, offering great service and products.

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Our Code of Ethics is not just a document, it describes who we are and how we do business. This Code applies to all employees, directors and representatives of The Massy Group who share a common responsibility to protect our reputation for integrity. We must all know and follow the Code as it is designed to help all of us to understand the rules that we must follow, and what is expected of us.

The Massy Group is proud of our reputation as a values-driven business, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect this heritage. Our Code therefore is much more than just a policy document, it is a guide to living our Values by directing the way that we do business and informing the way in which we work. The Massy Group is committed to ensuring high ethical standards in all its business activities and to conducting business with honesty, integrity and respect for the law and our values. In keeping with this commitment, if you observe or suspect any misconduct, you are encouraged to Speak Up.

The Massy Group is committed to leading the way for positive change in our region, and we believe that we can have a positive impact on our people, our customers, the communities in which we operate. 

E. Gervase Warner
President & Group Chief Executive Office
The Massy Group

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The Massy Group is inspired by our Purpose. We are committed to leading the way for positive change in our region.

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With over 60 operating companies across three main portfolios and legacy lines of business, the Group can leverage significant synergies and deliver growth and value for stakeholders. Massy is a public company which is traded on the Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica Stock Exchanges.

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Whether you are a student or an experienced professional, discover what you can do and find your place at Massy.