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NEWS July 17, 2014

Your Massy” is the new corporate theme song for Massy

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Content  ‘Your Massy’ is the new corporate theme song for the Massy Group of Companies. Produced and sung by local soca artiste Kerwin du Bois, the tune is reflective of the company’s commitment to its purpose of ‘Creating Value; Transforming Life.’Below are the lyrics to Your Massy:” Your Massy “Intro:              
Hand in hand leh we go down d road 
I’m a force for good (x2) 
I am your Massy 
 Verse 1:   
There’s so many things i do 
And I’ll do it for you (yeah) 
You’re a part of the family now 
And I’m creating value 
If you need me I’ll be there 
To show you love & care 
I was formed to better lives 
It’s more than a obligation 
It is my true passion 
To transform your life 
With honesty & integrity 
You can find it in me 
So come leh we go 
I believe we can make it 
Hand in hand we go make this journey 
Just be all that you can be 
Your business is safe with me 
I am your family 
I am your Massy 
I’m a force for good (x2) 
I am your Massy 
 Verse 2:         
 I’m the most profitable 
Holder in the game 
You already know meh name 
Is Massy, Massy 
Touch millions of lives everyday 
In a colourful array 
That’s what I am made of            
I was formed to better lives 
With growth & continuous improvement 
Come & join this movement 
I’ll transform your life 
It’s my responsibility 
You can find it in me 

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