Boys to Men: Rites of Passage

The Boys To Men: Rites of Passage programme (BTM) was started 6 years ago in Trinidad under the guidance of Ian Jeffers.  The programme is essentially a developmental programme designed to build leadership skills of young men with a view to positively improving their lives and the lives they touch – families, friends, colleagues
The essential programme model follows on the ‘Rites of Passage’ journey that is incorporated by several societies, for instance, according to the western ideal, boys make the transition to manhood when they complete a University education and are able to earn a sustainable income.  After such time, financial support from the home ceases and the ‘men’ assume their duties as providers in the household.  Alternatively, in some traditional societies, young men are mentored by community elders and then face a series of ‘rites’ or ‘tests’ to prove their manhood, ranging from scarring their bodies to performing dangerous feats to demonstrate and prove their readiness for manhood.

The BTM programme is conducted in 8-week stages during which young men of selected communities meet in a common place at a common time (usually Saturday mornings or evenings at a facility in the community).  The young men are usually between the ages of 14 and 21 however based on the needs of the individuals in certain communities, some participants are not within that age range.  Meetings are facilitated through developmental conversation – the principal tool in creating positive dialogue among participants – to bring about an improved understanding of particular areas of discussion such as relationships, career development and education, family, fatherhood, self-esteem and spirituality.  Boys 2 Men 2

Similar to the traditional ‘rites’, we employ the proverbial village elders to guide discussions on their particular areas of expertise, at select meetings.  For instance, for the meeting in which the topic of career development is discussed, we have often called upon business leaders of Trinidad and Tobago to lead the discussion.  Some leaders are drawn from within the Massy Group and others from the wider pool of leaders in the local business community.  These ‘elders’ are carefully selected as they are usually individuals who have a story to tell – stories in which they are able to identify with the young men and speak about their attitudes and abilities to overcome the challenges that they faced on their journeys of development.

The programme is funded entirely by the Massy Foundation.

If you are interested in learning more about the Boys To Men Programme, email us at

Massy Launches in Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica – The Jamaica leg of the Massy Launch Campaign, hosted by President and Group CEO, Gervase Warner, saw over 100 of the country’s leading business luminaries and media gathered at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on Monday July 14.

Cecil McCain, Director of Post and Telecommunications within the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy & Mining, attended as the official ministerial representative.  The attendees included members of the Diplomatic Corps, representatives from the Financial Services Commission as well as key Massy Jamaica clients. Representing the powerful lobbying organization, Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica were CEO, Dennis Chung and the President, Christopher Zacca.

Moderated by Richard Barrow, CEO of Massy Distribution, the programme was brief and featured an engaging 30-minute audio-video presentation by Mr. Warner. The evening started with the National Anthem followed by a health and safety presentation by Massy Gas Products team member.  The safety drill interlude is a rare occurrence at Jamaica’s corporate functions and precipitated much conversation on the topic.

Warner’s presentation which concluded with the Massy song by Kerwin Dubois was followed by a vote of thanks.  Presented by Carol Wongsam, a director at Massy Technologies, who was flanked by Sharon Laidlaw, HR Manager at Massy Distribution, the speech expressed gratitude to the players that helped bring success to the event and the rebranding effort on a whole.

Warner used the opportunity in Jamaica to visit the Jamaican subsidiaries, do site tours and meet and greet Massy team members at Massy Distributors, Massy Gas Products and Massy Technologies.

Trinidad All Stars

The Massy Group commenced sponsorship of “Trinidad All Stars” in 1988. This was a choice association as the band has always been an integral part of the rich and colourful history of the steelband movement in Trinidad and Tobago. From their origins in the 1903s as Hell Yard Boys, the band’s roots are deeply entrenched in the indigenous culture of this country and its turbulent early beginnings and explosive creativity are the hallmark of steelband music today. The band’s name changed several times over the years, and finally “All Stars” was chosen because of the perceived superior ability of the players. Soon after, “Trinidad” was added to the name.

Trinidad All Stars pioneered the introduction of classical music on the road played to the rhythm of calypso. They were also the first band to fuse melody and harmony by playing the pan with two sticks. The band made the first “Quatro Pans” later called the grundig and the guitar pans. A former captain of Trinidad All Stars, Neville Jules, is credited as the inventor of the first bass pan.  

 In 1982, the contributions of Trinidad All Stars to the steelband movement were recognizes by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago with the presentation of a national award – the Humming Bird Medal (Gold).  

Massy “Trinidad All Stars” is recognised for its groundbreaking position within the steelband movement through its members, who have carried the vibrant culture of Trinidad and Tobago around the world. The ban has received many accolades, and has become a premier steelband with an enviable track record of discipline and musical excellence. 

In 1993, the Massy Group of Companies became associated with Derek Walcott and the Trinidad Theatre workshop, through the sponsorship of one of his epic works – The Odyssey, which was staged at the old fire station building in Port of Spain, Trinidad. In 2005, the Group reviewed its connection with the Nobel Laureate, and co-sponsored with BG Trinidad and Tobago the production of Steel by Derek Walcott and Galt Mac Dermot. In doing so, the Group filled a void that has existed in the history of the Arts in the Caribbean – the fundamental telling of the story of the birth of the steel pan. The sponsorship of the production of Steel naturally evolved from the Group’s direct involvement in the steelband movement through its sponsorship of the Trinidad All Stars.   

Neal & Massy Is Now Massy

The Neal and Massy Group has changed its name to Massy as part of a comprehensive rebranding exercise that unifies all subsidiary companies to create a strong, consistent corporate identity. Redefining the corporate brand strengthens cohesion and clearly communicates the advantages of choosing to do business with the Group. The rebranding maximises marketing efficacy by powerfully connecting the equity of strong subsidiary brands with the corporate brand and vice versa. The new brand conveys the promise of reliability and value throughout the Massy range of products and services.

The Group’s new strategic direction focuses on activating existing synergies that connect products to relevant services, creating more efficient and cost-effective value propositions for consumers. These synergies are defined as ecosystems in the context of the Group. 

For example, with respect to buying a new vehicle, customers have the option of purchasing a vehicle from Massy Motors; financing it through Massy Finance; and insuring it with Massy United Insurance; all under one roof. There are several ecosystems within the Group. The rebranding exercise unifies and identifies the elements of each one under a single recognisable name. 

The Massy logo is simple, bold and modern and represents the mutuality of our Group of companies, with a stylised infinity symbol that retains the N and M of our previous corporate identity. The visibility of both letters in the logo design is a deliberate reference to the heritage of founders Harry Neal and Charles Massy. The original company name is commonly abbreviated to Massy, which over more than 90 years, has become strong enough to translate well across different languages and territories.

The Group will introduce a Group-wide loyalty card for our Trinidad and Barbados customers. We will convert existing Hi-Lo Smart Shopper cardholders in Trinidad and Classic Card cardholders in Barbados to a new Massy Card which will earn loyalty points when used at many Massy companies. The loyalty programme will also offer a credit facility that can be used at Massy companies.  The credit component of the loyalty programme will be introduced in due course. 

A corporate advertising campaign that demonstrates how Massy companies work together to simplify customers’ business transaction will run in the media in Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and St. Lucia. 

Trinidad & Tobago (link)
Barbados (link)
Jamaica (link)

Massy United Insurance now offers Automotive Insurance

Massy United Insurance offers a full range of market-leading personal and general insurance solutions designed to meet the changing needs of consumers. Massy United Insurance now provides Motor Insurance in the Trinidad and Tobago market, with offices in Port of Spain, Morvant and San Fernando. At Massy United Insurance you can now also earn points when you pay your motor insurance premium.

The New Look of Massy Stores

Massy Stores is the new face of HiLo Food Stores. Repainted in navy blue, light blue, orange and yellow, select Massy Stores now include non-food merchandise such as small and large appliances, soft furnishings (such as towels and bedding) and furniture. At Massy Stores you earn points with your Massy Card when you purchase groceries, pharmaceutical items, and small appliances from the store. Today, Massy Stores operate over 40 stores in Trinidad, Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. 

It’s Now Massy

Gervase Warner, President & Group CEO of Massy sat down with the Trinidad Guardian’s Business Editor, Anthony Wilson and shared the rationale for the Massy re-brand.  See the full article for details –  Taking the Neal Out of Massy from the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian

Welcome to the Massy Card. Welcome to more rewards

Starting June 30th, 2014, Massy Group is pleased to reward our valued customers for their loyalty with the new Massy Card. When you shop at Massy, you get more rewards, more perks, and more amazing benefits.

Existing Hi-Lo Smart Shopper cardholders in Trinidad, and Classic Card cardholders in Barbados will be issued a new Massy Card.

Don’t have a Smart Shopper or Classic Card? No problem. Sign up for the Massy Card and earn loyalty points at all Massy Stores, Massy Motors, Massy United Insurance, and Massy Finance locations.

Here’s how it works in Trinidad and Tobago. For every TT$10 you spend at Massy Stores, Massy Motors, Massy Finance GFC, MoneyGram or Massy United Insurance, you earn 1 Massy point. You can then redeem these points at Massy Stores, Massy Motors and MoneyGram.

Massy Rainbow Cup 2014

This year’s edition of the Massy Rainbow Cup Triathlon drew hundreds of athletes and supporters to Turtle Beach in Tobago.

This being the tenth year of the event was especially significant for the company given our decision to use the Race as a launch pad for making our rebrand efforts public.  On Saturday June 28, scores of supporters witnessed the unveiling of the new look and name, the Massy Group. Speaking at the event was Group CEO and President Gervase Warner, who gave some insight into the change. “We chose Massy because people already abbreviate the name of the company that way. This is an effective way of creating brand awareness and capturing brand loyalty and I’m happy to be here to share this with you.”

Competing in the sprint distance relay category were ten teams from the Massy Group, who delivered commendable performances. Congratulations to all of our participants for their hard work and for taking on the challenge to improve their general health and well being.

On behalf of Massy, we thank all participants and supporters for making Rainbow Cup 2014 a rewarding experience.

To find out more about the Massy Rainbow Cup Triathlon, please visit

Your Massy” is the new corporate theme song for Massy

Vimeo Id103711084
Content  ‘Your Massy’ is the new corporate theme song for the Massy Group of Companies. Produced and sung by local soca artiste Kerwin du Bois, the tune is reflective of the company’s commitment to its purpose of ‘Creating Value; Transforming Life.’Below are the lyrics to Your Massy:” Your Massy “Intro:              
Hand in hand leh we go down d road 
I’m a force for good (x2) 
I am your Massy 
 Verse 1:   
There’s so many things i do 
And I’ll do it for you (yeah) 
You’re a part of the family now 
And I’m creating value 
If you need me I’ll be there 
To show you love & care 
I was formed to better lives 
It’s more than a obligation 
It is my true passion 
To transform your life 
With honesty & integrity 
You can find it in me 
So come leh we go 
I believe we can make it 
Hand in hand we go make this journey 
Just be all that you can be 
Your business is safe with me 
I am your family 
I am your Massy 
I’m a force for good (x2) 
I am your Massy 
 Verse 2:         
 I’m the most profitable 
Holder in the game 
You already know meh name 
Is Massy, Massy 
Touch millions of lives everyday 
In a colourful array 
That’s what I am made of            
I was formed to better lives 
With growth & continuous improvement 
Come & join this movement 
I’ll transform your life 
It’s my responsibility 
You can find it in me